Women’s and Children’s Programs

A Full Continuum of Programs for Women, Children & Families

Center for Hope began serving the community in January, 2005 to support women who found themselves homeless, pregnant and in need of long-term integrated behavioral health, housing and medical services. Since that time, more than 200 healthy, babies have been born to women residing on our campus.

Our Mission

Center for Hope builds sustainable recovery and strong families capable of thriving in their personal lives and communities.

Women & Children’s Programs

We provide a full continuum of programs for women, children and families including:

  • A day programming model with transitional housing for homeless, pregnant and or post- partum women (18 & older) with substance abuse and behavioral health conditions. Homeless women can reside on our campus with children up to the age of 6, while attending day programming services to address their substance abuse and mental health needs.
  • Center for Hope’s Outpatient Treatment Center and ASPIRE Outpatient Treatment Center provides individual and group counseling, trauma therapy, in-home visits, peer-to-peer support, transportation and childcare to encourage participation, standard outpatient and intensive outpatient services based on each person’s individual and unique needs.
  • Center for Hope offers a variety of supportive housing programs in addition to the Transitional Housing made available on our campus. This housing includes 4 plex properties for low income families, that are designed to address the needs of individuals with substance abuse and mental health conditions that would otherwise prevent them from maintaining a home.
  • With your support, we can continue to help families move from homelessness to becoming stable, contributing members of their communities.


Center for Hope Transitional Housing program with a day program behavioral health component, serves homeless pregnant and parenting women with substance abuse and behavioral health conditions throughout Maricopa County.

These women also typically have no income, an inconsistent work history, minimal job skills, often have involvement with probation or Department of Child Safety and may have other children not in their care. Services are designed to help women move from homelessness to stable housing and employment while addressing substance abuse and mental health needs of the entire family.

Center for Hope treats the entire family offering, family therapy, parenting education and services to all children associated with the women in our programs.

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ASPIRE outpatient treatment program serves women with substance abuse issues and their families. Outpatient services include: individual and group substance abuse counseling, trauma therapy, in-home visits, peer-to-peer support, transportation and childcare to encourage participation. Families also participate in support groups. Our community housing programs operate out of the Aspire location.

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