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The growth in the use of prescribed pain relievers has resulted in a widespread epidemic of prescription drug misuse and addiction among people of all ages, which now pose an even larger addiction problem than their illegal counterparts.

CBI offers a comprehensive approach to addiction recognizing that addiction is a primary disease and that all substances and behaviors associated with addiction are addressed in treatment. Simply put…we not only focus on an addiction to prescription medications, we look at all other factors impacting your life and your recovery.

Unscript™ – A non-invasive integrated system of education and physician monitored medical protocols specifically designed to treat unintentional physical dependence on prescription pain medication.

Unscript™ – No ‘blaming, shaming, guilting” or psychotherapy. Patients are treated as men and women who, while addressing a legitimate medical condition, became unintentionally dependent on increasing doses of prescription pain medication.

Unscript™ provides:
  • Integrated Medical/Behavioral Health Care
  • Evaluation & Medical Consultation
  • Outpatient Medical Detoxification
  • Inpatient Medical Detoxification (when necessary)
  • Education & Wellness Curricula
  • Family Education
  • Evening & Weekend Hours

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