Inpatient Medical Detoxification

CBI Inpatient Medical Detoxification programs insists on a standard of “Detox with Dignity” to reclaim lives, save families, and return productive citizens to the community. Our programs are fully integrated (medical, psychiatric and substance abuse) and designed ensure that patients are clinically triaged, safely detoxified, referred into an existing therapeutic continuum of care.

Inpatient Medical Detoxification programs located at our East Valley, Central City and Arizona Bridge to Recovery facilities and utilize a physician-directed protocol (generally 3 to 5 days) designed to prevent the loss of life that can occur when individuals attempt to withdraw from alcohol or drugs. CBI physicians use medical procedures and protocols nationally recognized as “Best Practice” approaches for medical detoxification. These medical protocols are directed by licensed medical practitioners and supported by our clinical team of registered nurses, medical technicians, peer support specialists and transition coordinators.

Services Available:

  • Inpatient Medical Detoxification
  • Urgent Psychiatric Assessment
  • Transition to Outpatient Suboxone Taper for Opiate
  • Transition to Outpatient Taper for Benzodiazepine
  • Medical and/or Psychiatric Bridge Scripting • Peer Support
  • Referral and Placement

In FY 11/12, there were 3,744 admissions for medical detoxification services at Arizona Bridge to Recovery (ABR), Central City Addiction Recovery Center (CCARC) and East Valley Addiction Recovery Center (EVARC) with a completion rate of 88%.

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