The CBI CPEC is formerly the East Valley Access Point/ Transition Point located at 358 E. Javelina in Mesa, AZ. The CBI CPEC is open 24/7 and is part of the crisis system safety net for Maricopa County and maintains a ‘no wrong door’ philosophy. The CPEC has RN’s on staff 24/7. If the CPEC is unable to meet an individual’s needs, the CPEC staff will coordinate care and transfer the individual to the most appropriate agency to provide the necessary care. Only the CPEC facility will provide emergency admissions for involuntary evaluation. The Prepetition screening, COE, and COT through CBI are only available at CPEC in the East Valley. In addition to crisis services, the CBI CPEC will continue offering physical and behavioral health outpatient services.

Services Provided
• Coordination of care with ongoing care providers
• Physical health services
• Short-term inpatient care
• Detoxification
• Pre-Petition Screening
• Court Ordered Evaluation (COE)
• Court Ordered Treatment (COT)
• 23-hour crisis observation/stabilization: available 24/7, 365 days/year
• Psychiatric services
• Nursing services
• Risk assessment
• Peer support
• Family support

The CPEC will continue providing integrated behavioral health, physical health, substance use, and co-occurring outpatient services that include:

• Psychosocial Assessment
• Psychiatric Services
• Physical Health Services
• Outpatient Medication Services: available 8am -8pm, 7 days/week
• Medical Detoxification


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