24/7 Access Point and Transition Point

Access Point serves primarily as an entry point for transfers, walk-ins and drop-offs and provides 24-hour triage, assessment, brief intervention, and transition support.

Transition Point provides stabilizing care for adults who can benefit clinically from brief residential services for three to five days.

Access Point and Transition Point are designed to bridge the gap in the public behavioral health system between inpatient and crisis services on one end of the spectrum and routine behavioral health care on the other. By providing early intervention, assessment and transition support, these facilities ensure adults who need services have the appropriate level of treatment and are not entering higher, more costly and restrictive levels of care when the higher level of care may not be necessary.

24/7 Access Point
& Transition Point

These facilities also benefit the community as a whole in several ways. They help reduce emergency room operating costs by decreasing the number of people waiting for behavioral health services, reducing the wait time, and increasing emergency room availability to address true medical emergencies. In addition, they free up costly and limited police, fire and EMT resources by giving emergency responders a conveniently located place to take those experiencing behavior health challenges.

Co-located facilities serve as a “front door” to the public behavioral health system in the East and West Valley on a 24/7 basis

Magellan Health Services of Arizona, the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for central Arizona, and Community Bridges, Inc. launched Access Point and Transition Point (APTP) behavioral health facilities in the East Valley in March of 2012 and the West Valley in September of 2011. These facilities provide intake, support and assessment services (Access Point) and limited-time residential services (Transition Point) for adults experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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