Finding a path out of homelessness

Between federal, state, and local programs, and with the support of community and faith-based services, there are a range of services to help people experiencing homelessness with behavioral health disorders.  Still, one does not have to look far to find people who are not aware of available services and how to access them. These services […]

Developing Healthy Minds: It’s Never Too Early to Start!

The human mind is one of the most complex structures in the universe.  Even in early infancy, it is capable of taking in a wide variety of inputs.  Still, in our early years, we’ve only unlocked a small portion of its potential.  Our brains actually continue to develop into our twenties.  Accordingly, the U.S. Government […]

It’s Time for a National Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda

The story of American Indians and Alaska Natives is one of resiliency and survival. But high rates of interpersonal violence, depressive symptoms, substance misuse (alcohol and illicit drugs), and suicide among members of tribal communities offer a small glimpse into how social injustices- endured over the course of multiple generations- threaten tribal communities. The National […]

Having a Conversation About Drugs and Alcohol

Did you know that talking about addiction is the first step toward recovering from it?  Talking openly with your loved ones has the power to remove the fear and shame surrounding addiction, and ultimately save lives. Studies have shown that parents have a significant influence on their children’s decisions to experiment with substances. And, research […]

Plan to quit smoking for good – the benefits begin in minutes

Ending the addiction to tobacco is a process that starts one day at a time.  And each tobacco-free minute brings you closer to a healthier life.  The American Cancer Society sets aside the third Thursday in November as the Great American Smokeout – a day for smokers to begin their plan to quit smoking for […]

Rural veterans may not be receiving the mental health treatment they need

Living in a rural area, for all its benefits, can come with some specific challenges.  An important one can be access to services such as health care.  This can be especially true for specialty services like behavioral health care.  Serving those with unique health care needs requires new approaches when large specialty health care providers […]

Continuing to Serve

“We cannot forget that a mind occupies the body of every person we deploy.” -Admiral Michael Mullen, 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff In or out of uniform, many service members return home to communities where they continue to lead and contribute. For some military personnel, returning home can be challenging. And the […]

Keeping kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is approaching and many teens and young adults are looking forward to parties with their friends.  As parents, we often worry whether that could involve underage drinking.  Unfortunately, alcohol consumption can see a peak at this time of year.  A recent study found that for first year college students, Halloween was one of the […]